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Our civilization is in progress on the wheels of technology. Job opportunities have dramatically increased in last few years and popularity of science subjects has increased among students. Majority of science students have a dream to be an Engineer or a Doctor. Planned study and time management will result your dream come true.

These days, students are randomly roaming heither and theither and are being trapped by several professional coaching institutes by virtue of their fake claims of their achievements in advertisements, where you gain a little but lose a lot. When you will be a looser, you can assess your money investment but cannot assess the past precious time. Always remember that you have to compete in your first or second attempt, so immediately stop the experimentation in your career. Success is paramount, and, it tastes sweeter, if your needless effort gets direction from an honest GURU. Hence, first have faith on yourself. Do not under estimate yourself. Follow the track of successful students. Do not be misguided by the failures (unfortunately they are in majority) and be obedient to your teacher.

Our heartiest thanks to all Parents/ Students who have shown their confidence in our 27 years old institution. The town is mushroomed with various coaching institutes with attractive advertisements and the student who is searching a serviceable, honest institution, has the best choice MISHRA INSTITUTE, because it is an institute with great difference.

The institute is founded by A K MISHRA, Unlike of other institutions, here teachers are employer not employee. Our teachers have created the competitive environment of preparation of MCA , MBA, BANK/SSC/RLY, NDA, CDS , ACADEMIC(8TH to 12TH), Engineering and Medical Entrance in Ranchi keeping success rate very high, which attracted all nationwide big banner institutions.

In any big banner institution of the town, actually you are paying for less experienced teacher, luxurious establishment and expensive marketing network, which enhances the institution�s fees many fold. Here, you are paying for most experienced teachers and for a small and beautiful establishment. Here, worth of your parent�s investment ( which is remarkably less than others ) is guaranteed.

Finally , Join us with dedication, you will be successful.

Features/facility :-
  •  Fully air conditioned class rooms.
  •  Study room & library facility available.
  •  Unlimited classes/batches.
  •  Unlimited revision.
  •  Every topic is repeated in every two months.
  •  We also provide updated Study Materials, online/offline test Series.
  •  Intense problems solving with stress on basic concepts and shortcut tricks.
  • Avail of doubt and revision classes.
  •  The only institution in Ranchi, where practical classes for 11th & 12th students in prime subjects are available.
  •  We also provide topic wise test.


We Understand Requirements

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We Work Precisely

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We Deliver Best Output

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We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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